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Feb. 3rd, 2009 Flash Operation System and Fix power on the mobile phone when battery run down

posted Feb 8, 2009, 8:41 PM by Diming Lu   [ updated Feb 8, 2009, 9:10 PM ]
Because I configured the wireless and USB network of the mobile phone, it cannot start and stay at the welcome icon. I had to flash the OS using Om2008.12 version (used to be Om2008.9). After that, the mobile phone is by far stronger than before, especially the power managerment. Battery life increase to 25 hours for dim mode.
And then I installed another OS in SD card. About flashing OS and boot from SD card please refer to the related articals on Homepage. Note: there are two boot modes in moko, NOR and NAND, controlled by AUX and POWER button. Installing OS in SD card is very easy. Just put the kernel in FAT16 partition and put the root file system in ext2 partition. Then boot from SD card using NAND mode.
Yesterday, I encounter the situation like that day when I got the moko from Prof. Li. Moko cannot power on because battery run down completely for battery test. Even if you charge it, you also cannot boot it on because moko only is charge when power on. So, I get the battery off, and charge moko to boot it, immediately put the battery into the phone slot. Then, it succeed.
Postscript: in version Om2008.12 bootload, the battery can be charged when power off, which is my experience. If encounter that situation again, just charge it for a few minutes, and it will be fine.